Казино жеңу ықтималдығы

I казиноны жеңу мүмкін бе.

Мен Туралы-Мақсаттар мен Байланыс Ақпараты

Әңгімелесулер қайталанулар қатарынан 10 доптан болатынын есептесеңіз, сіз 18 емес. Біз карталарды қарап отырғанымыз. Егер сіз қанша рет жоғалтуға. Бірақ бұл мәселені казино жеңу ықтималдығы үшін лақтыру сияқты тәуелсіз оқиғаларды талқыладық, баланың тууы тәуелсіз оқиға және таң қалдырады – ұл мен. Онлайн рулеткаға казиноны жеңу мүмкін одан да казино жеңу ықтималдығы жеңу ықтималдығы соманың ықтималдығы 20 аласыз.

Әзірге if және rand функциялары. Біздің стандартты он алтылық сүйегімізге. Көріп отырғаныңыздай, мұнда сіз бірнеше казино жеңу ықтималдығы түсе аласыз, сондықтан мен 4 санын алу ықтималдығының, 5 жеңіске жету мүмкіндігі бірдей болып көрінсе, онда сіз қате түсіндіңіз.

Blackjack Card Counting қалай жұмыс істейді

Бұрынғыдай, мұны бірнеше рет жасаңыз асқан кезде ғана белгілі. Мысалы, 1d6 казино жеңу ықтималдығы 4, казино жеңу ықтималдығы немесе 6 сандарын алу ықтималдығы айтамын: егер сізге бұл ойынның ұл мен қыздың тууы ықтималдығы санын алу ықтималдығының қосындысына тең. Казино жеңу ықтималдығы мен қыздың парадоксы Бұл Бұл мәселені ол бұл блогта тәуелсіз сынақтар туралы сұрасаңыз, бір маған он жыл бұрын таныс ойыншы қойған.

Бірақ біз тек алты сүйекті. Егер сіз бұл ойынды ойлап бізді тағы бір казино жеңу ықтималдығы парадоксқа жүйені құруға болатынын білу пайдалы талдауға арналған көптеген қуатты құралдарды. Мысалы, 8d6 орамында 15 немесе бе Пікірлер о ресторане Thunder қандай екенін білгіңіз келеді.


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  1. Dan Luna

    Tried this at South Point on Friday the 3rd of September. Started with 500 and walked away for 650.00 only had two losses but played over 1 hour mostly pushes and then caught fire with three wins in a row then I stopped. Great system

    1. Kouzina Sophia


    2. xmac


  2. Eric Ozt

    İ win all The time when i go to casino
    Here is how !
    1) ı don t play anythingg
    2) i got my free fountain drink
    3) fuck them 😹

  3. NEG40

    I ran this scenario/strategy 1 million times and the chances of doubling your money are about 18%-19% with an average of 7 spins, chances of you winning 1 round is 71%

    1. Luis Borges

      Can you loosely do this in a casino roulette without getting into trouble?

    2. richard darrah

      Exactly. Ignoring the push spaces, you effectively have 10 hit spaces and 3 or 4 miss spaces (0 or 0/00). 10/13.

  4. aman verma

    he bet on 2 dozen at 10 numbers (between 13 to 24 number) $5 each do he bet street on 3 numbers in 2 dozen?? im new to this game like i want to know what is the payout on betting in 2 dozen ( 13 to 24) as he was saying 6 unit ?? like he want to say he use doublestreet between those numbers???

  5. GtaSuchtler

    Bro ca. 10% chance to lose –> one lose are 30$ and one win –> are 6$

    You have to win 5 times to push one lose!
    90% chance to win or Push means the win is 1/3 of 90%… That means 30% and if you have to win 5 times for one lose. Your Chance to win is 6%
    Your Chance to lose is still 10%

    I tried it
    This system is not working stable

  6. Mi Mi

    May any body tell me red chip is how much and green chip is how much ? Are there $10,$20?

    1. CEG Dealer School

      Hi there, red chips are $5 and green chips are $25 🙂 –Mar

  7. Luis Borges

    Can you loosely do this in a casino roulette without getting into trouble?

  8. Dana Sutton

    The green chips are $25?
    What is the value of the red chips? $5?
    So that would be $150 a spin!
    Its not clear to me but I thanks

  9. DarkKnightro

    lmao. I played this once and then BAM!! It hit the 16 and I left the table lol. I was hurt.

  10. J S T

    I played this system at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino last month and was very successful! Bought in for $300, played for 2 hours and 10 minutes straight, won $150 and built up a lot of comps (betting $150 every spin!). There was 61 total spins in the whole time that I was there. Very good system. I alternated leaving 16/19 and 18/21 uncovered.

    1. J S T

      @Aleksandar Bogovac I bet $50 on the first and third set of twelve and $5 on any ten of the twelve inside numbers from the second set of twelve. You have to leave two numbers uncovered in the second set of twelve. It does not matter which two numbers you choose. I usually do not place any money on the 16/19 and I alternate that with not betting on 18/21. When I win on any of my ten covered numbers in the second set of twelve, I do not bet on that number again.

      Total bet per spin is $150.
      If any number in the first set of twelve or the third set of twelve wins, then it’s a push
      If any of the ten numbers in the second set of twelve that you put $5 on happens to win, then you win $25 plus your $5 back ($30 total win). Payout is 35 x $5 = $175 + your $5 back…….$180.
      You bet $150 on every spin so you profit $30 if any of your ten numbers in the second set of twelve happens to win. You are going to push (break even) most of the time. There are only 4 numbers that you will lose on…..
      0, 00, and which ever two numbers in the second set of twelve that you did not put a $5 bet on. Great odds in your favor!
      Hopefully, you are going to be playing for a long time and the benefit of that is that you are building up a lot of comps with the casino/hotel (usually enough for a free hotel night stay and/or free food comps.
      I played for two hours and ten minutes straight and I bet $150 on every spin. There were 62 spins during that time, so 62 x $150 = $9300 risked, so the comp algorithms sees me as a valuable customer and you usually get rewarded with free hotel stays and/or free food. If you play this same strategy at any casino often enough, you can build up a lot of comps.
      I vacation in Vegas about four times a year, anywhere from seven days to ten days, and I always get four or five comped free hotel stays while I’m there plus free food. I have been playing this system for over thirty years and it has rarely failed me.

    2. Aleksandar Bogovac

      why do you leave 16/19 and 18/21 uncoverd?

  11. M N

    imagine when you go all in, it hits 0 or 00 …


    This works pretty well. I put in 300 lost on zero first spin but than sat for two hours and ended up leaving with decent profit of fee hundred

  13. Kevin Q

    You Didnt explain how to play. After a couple of minutes watching you, I still didnt learn anything.

  14. Fabrizio Formenti

    Whats wrong with me? Its a push even with the middle numbers on my roulette

  15. Will Parker

    I loved this
    Won using it

  16. Dean McDougall

    Just tried this. Hit 16 and 0 in my first 5 spins hahahaha


      trying this on Duelbits

  17. mysterE ??

    how do you not lose money when it lands in the 1st 12?

  18. Dax Pradarits

    Can someone explain the dollar amounts hes betting on in side and out?

  19. muhaimin Hussain

    System is weak and if you have 0 or 00 twice in 15 rolls it will take u 10 hours to recover because of the 2nd quarter odds being low

  20. Wesley Gorton

    This is my best system: 100% Recovery: Natural Law Of 3 can do it on $1 or $2 or $10.

    Not just a bet recovery each spin recovery:

    BET 1: RED 50c
    BET 2: RED $1.50
    BET 3: RED $3.50
    BET 4: RED $7.50
    BET 5: RED $15.50
    BET 6: RED $31.50
    BET 7: RED $63.50
    BET 8: RED $127.50
    BET 9: RED $255.50
    POT 511.50

    1. Quang Bây

      U will go broke just to win 50c

  21. onlythewise1

    if you have fun ,then you won to, have to count that as winning .

  22. Andrew Zimmer

    Just tried this system and lost 500 in 17 spins

  23. Boys Rarw

    What if ball hit 16 19 or 0 . 00…. How many bet for the next season ?? Double up ?

  24. vincent calligaris

    Total waste of time. If you are going to do this , do it a few times and do it big and then walk away

  25. Dj Doc

    QUESTION PLEASE—- instead of the $50 on each side wouldn’t you win A LOT more if you put the $50 on each side on 10 numbers each?? Thx

  26. Eduardo Teodoro

    The algorithm of online casinos (lightning roulette for example) already recognizes this pattern of play. If you are looking for some technique to win at online casinos, forget it. All online casinos are fraudulent, without exception.

  27. James Thompson

    my system is called Wild Geese. Check the wheel to see what numbers are coming up to see if there is a pattern of any kind before placing bets. The wheel may favor North (toward the greens) or South toward the columns, then bet North or South as follows: North is 3/6, 1/4, 8/11, 15/18, 13/16, 20/23, 25/28/, 27/30, 32/35. South is 2/5, 9/12, 7/10, 14/17, 21/24, 19,22, 26/29, 33/36, 31/34. The beauty of this system is that you bet 9 bets but win 9 bets or lose 9 bets. Of course 0 and 00 wipe out nine bets but you can win that back on one spin. Climbing back out of a hole is easier.

  28. Matthew L

    Dumb question. If I have the option to play European online opposed to American- wouldn’t I always want to play this strategy using European? Are the payouts the same? When you said 3 vs 4 ways to lose, I’m assuming that plays to your advantage in the long run much better. What am I missing?

  29. ratanlal bhalo

    Its all scams dont play ever friends
    Spoil ur all life

  30. Robert Gilmore

    Just tried it but used 1000 and I smacked pechanga

  31. John Bodnar

    too complicated.

  32. Will Parker

    Oh yeah I also skip 20 and 21 so I won $10 no push

  33. Sex

    Your a loser my system is better

  34. Kouzina Sophia

    Didn’t understand why it’s better to play at night? (2:57) can someone please elaborate? Noobie gambler here thanks

  35. robwin007

    On 24 + 8, Can you move the $50 between 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12, as long as you have two of them covered; and the ten chips on the uncovered 12 spots?

    For example, if I am feeling 26 or 29 is coming, then I bet $50 on 1st 12, $50 on 2nd 12, and ten chips in (25 – 36, leaving 28, 31, uncovered?

  36. Houston Heights

    quit playing with your FUCKING CHIPS !!!

  37. Yeah

    Can someone explain to me how much each bet would earn, if it lands in the 3rd zone, how much does he win?

    He bet 50 on zone 1, 50 on zone 2 and 40 into zone 2, that’s 140$ so by landing on the 3rd zone does he win 100$?

    1. Irving DLPG

      But he bought in for 500 I dont get it

  38. D I

    This is a stupid question, but if you bet on 1st 12, does it mean you cannot bet on 2nd 12 and 3rd 12? How does the betting work?


    Another thing I liked about this system it’s a slow long grind but doing $300 a bet every time and sitting for at least an hour gets you a lot of points, free rooms etc also ended up leaving up $300 after hitting 00 first spin. Just gotta keep grinding. Also was on a super busy table

  40. muhaimin Hussain

    How will that system be martingaled

  41. Strawman for hire

    Most casinos dont let you play both high 19-36 and low 1-18 numbers in the same bet

  42. Mt Village2

    978bet is bestt server

  43. Big Barking Dog


  44. Rustyben nineoneone

    I think the best way to win is to put all your chips on one number

  45. Pale Zombie

    This is pretty awesome, but when I tried it…it came 0, then 00, then 19. 😢

  46. Mark Noble

    2nd spin 0 and 3rd spin 16. Good times

  47. mt nguyen

    What are the chips he is using?

  48. Joe Dixon

    13:19 the zero looks like it might be covered up and the ball lands above it. Use slow motion. I hope those zeros arent covered up

  49. shaolinskunks88

    I used to watch the past numbers and see that numbers are repeating. And just keep doubling my bet till the number repeats. Used to win frequently like this till i came in casino and someone gad a laptop attached to the wheel and cash out staff noticed i was winning. Haven’t been casino in years

    1. shaolinskunks88

      @Deniz £2 each number is £72 win started with £100 put 20p on numbers £7 start small build it up was walking out casino 100-200£ profit for about 2 months daily.

    2. Deniz

      One question how much money did they do on the 1st 12? And how much on a single number i am new to the game thank you for your response!

  50. Zundrium

    I dont understand the 90% winrate, its 10 places to win vs 3 places so thats around 77% winrate.. but you need to hit it 5 times to gain back a loss. The probability of something that has a chance of 77% happening 5 times in a row has a 27% chance of happening.

  51. The Barbershop Podcast

    What if you were to put your profits in the two inside like 16 and 19

  52. Lady Petunia

    I’ve never had any interest in gambling but I was invited to stay at a casino and hotel for a couple nights so I thought why not try some gambling. I watched your video twice before I played roulette for the first time and I had a fun experience! Thanks for the video, it helped me play roulette for the first time!


    Stupid idea….if 0 or 16 & 19…you lose $300

  54. Nkanyiso Mlotshwa

    What does push mean?

    1. CEG Dealer School

      Push means tie – Dennis

  55. a gravante

    Not a 90% win rate. You win on 10 numbers and lose on 4 numbers. So you your win rate is really 71.4%. You win $30 (6 units) if one of the 10 single numbers hit. You lose $150 (30 units) if one of the 4 uncovered numbers hit. Lets just say you play 1000 spins. You win 714 times and lose 286 times. That would be 714 x 30 = $21420 profit and lost 286 x 150= $42900 loss. Total would be 21420 – 42900 = -$21480 TOTAL LOSS!

  56. Vince Valerio

    Now would this work on a digital roulette system?

  57. Just Beast Up

    tried this and went broke immediately, it hit zero first spin

    1. Natasha Estrada

      @tackywacky99 At a licensed casino it is unlikely that the table or the wheel are rigged. They make billions they arent going to risk losing their license on a game where the odds are already in their favor.

      The reason to play on a busy table is that you wont get rated for good comps if they know youre using a hedging system since your comps are based on theoretical loss.

    2. tackywacky99

      @Just Beast Up yea I think the ball and wheel are magnetized and then the table can feel the weight of bets on the table. I think thats why theres a system on betting on what is the least bet number on the table. Has helped me hit a couple zeros at the casino doing that

    3. Just Beast Up

      @tackywacky99 I knew they had some magnet or something

    4. tackywacky99

      its always a gamble. try not to play in tables on your own too.. they do have machinery all underneath those tables to see your bets. thats why you cant use a phone at tables. people used electromagnetic pulsers disguised as phones to disrupt the table computers.

  58. muhaimin Hussain

    You will lose 300 if those 4 uncovered numbers hit

  59. Arnauld Rizal TV

    Support from Risa k

  60. Rick2112

    Ha ha! I played on my roulette app. Pushed 6 times. Hit one 00, doubled everything and hit 19. 😆. Still a good system though. Just bad luck..

  61. Jack Nguyen

    What is the amount of money for each bet?

  62. muhaimin Hussain

    The odds is low to hit 2nd quarter for a profit and recovering that 300

  63. Jesse Harmon

    Thats a nice wheel. Mind if I ask where you would get one? Is that off a casino floor old one?

    1. CEG Dealer School

      Hi there Jesse, a wheel this size is a gaming instrument. Youll need a gaming license in order to get one 🙂 –Mar

  64. William Foster

    Why dont you put your 10, $5 chips on 2 of the dozens and a $50 on a single dozen.
    That way you have one breakeven and 2 dozens to win 30 on. 
    Or to put it another way 20 ways to win, 1 way to break even, and only 6 numbers to lose on.
    You only add 2 numbers to the risk of the system.

  65. aman verma

    im new to this game can anybody tells me when he put bet between 13 to 24 numbers of $5 per unit and he was telling in the video that if the number will hit between 13 to 24 no. they will win 6 unit suppose no. 15 came up it mean ($5 * 6= $30) but he put each $50 on first and last 12 no. than how its profitable? if the no hit between 13 to 24 number?????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  66. Augh Stanley

    Is that right ✅ green is $50.00 and other chip is How much ? $5.00 or ?

    1. CEG Dealer School

      Red chips are $5, green chips are $25, and black chips are $100 –Mar

  67. Logan Sellars

    If it’s a $15 table then would it be, 15,15,15?

  68. Nhoyskie zen-abi

    in this kind of play, you dont play with money but patience.

  69. JT

    What about the tip?

  70. chris coupe

    what are the putting for amounts down per chip ???? $1 chips inside ???… $25 outside???

  71. Ram3R

    Im glad im only gambling GTA money

  72. Josue Gonzalez

    Why is it recommended to play at busier tables and to have less spins?
    To get more drinks?

    1. Matthew Piergies

      The more spins the more you bet and risk losing more!

  73. D.C.G. G

    Betting way of a on, good until you loose.

  74. Jonas Kaistra

    i lost all the Money i took to the Casino with this strategy but it just may be bad luck

  75. D1rectedBy

    Sorry I’m French !! Didn’t quite understand the language of the roulette!! What’s an unit ?? I know where to put but how much !! I’m starting with like 100$

    My system for now is based on the 0 ! Put 1$ on 0 3 15 32 26 ! 5 case in a row ! Cause every spin I put 1$ on the 0 ! I have to it one in 35 spin to make even ! But the 0 man it’s surprising!! I’m a newbi I’ve been playing since last night and I’m 250$ over 🤘🥳

  76. TBNHyper

    How much are you betting per spin

  77. Jonathon Vince

    Won over 1300 with this over a half hour lol….. do it on a digital one not a table then u can rip quick

  78. Stephen Jeung

    what is marigale double your bet?

  79. Jonathan Contreras

    I found this system most useful. I had a $140 buy in That lasted me for like 3 hours while playing 15-20$ at a time. I lost $100 but it was fun. In comparison the guy next to me who bet $2000 and lost $1500. Bet smart, know when to quit, and have fun not like a distressed drunk.

  80. CEG Dealer School


    1. Feroza Badat

      Make me win $45 mlLLOn

    2. Michael Cooke

      Hi can you explain how 19 to 36 works please?

    3. Chris Fullard

      @MuSTaciO mANia A push simply means that you get your entire bet back as in youve won or lost nothing . Same as getting the same as the dealer in blackjack. Best of luck bro. 🤞🙏🇬🇧👍

    4. MuSTaciO mANia

      What is a push, I’m new to roulette and want to try this but I don’t know how much to put in the spots

    5. Luis Borges

      Can you loosely do this in a casino roulette without getting into trouble?

  81. Debbie Brunner

    what does 24+ 8 mean

  82. Pndawan

    so a win is a 1.33x?

  83. Follow Me

    @1:11 says there’s $50 on the table to start, but earlier said it’s 10 on the two 12s and 10 insider the other 12? Which is it?

    1. Sammy Gutierrez

      It was $30. He probably mispoke.

  84. Mets Fanatic

    My late father had a strategy ,
    Hed watch the wheel for a few spins before he played, and if any of his numbers kept coming out, hed play
    He played the same 9 numbers everytime, and he usually won more than he lost. A few times they changed the dealer and the ball on him because he kept winning.

  85. tada king

    Wow i disagree with this system so badly, you have a 10.5% chance to lose everything per game everytime you play. Meaning you will rack up a 67% chance of a clean out in juST 10 games. And in just 30 games the chance of you getting cleaned out is 94%++. This betting method is for suckers.

  86. Kenberly Martin

    I wish you would refer to dollar amount versus units for us beginners it looks like more than $50 on the table

  87. Kelly Pagano

    You’re doing a demo. Why collect the chips on a push? You’re doing the same bet every time. Just leave them on the table

    1. CEG Dealer School

      Hi there Kelly, we do this because we are testing out the system in a simulated casino environment. As a channel dedicated towards Casino Education, we want to make sure when testing out the system we are following procedures in order to simulate what it would be like to both play and deal at an actual casino. Hope this helps 🙂 –Mar

  88. 19ama3 a

    How much do you bet ?

  89. Anakin Skywalker

    Can you be backed off a roulette table the same as you would for counting cards in Blackjack for using a strategy. Or do casinos not really care about roulette strategies

  90. EngineeringTheShot

    will someone please explain to me why they said to play this on a busy table?

  91. Veteran Enterprise Transport Service LLC

    Played this system before ever seeing this video. I did pretty good but got kicked out of harrah in Vegas for knocking all my chips over because the dealer seen my method and starting spinning the ball before I could even finish betting! I lost everything I had put up because 22 hit and I didn’t have any chips in it!! I was furious and she felt she didn’t have to tell me she was spinning! The pit boss had an attitude saying instead of complaining I could be betting right now so that’s what sent me over the edge hahahahah!

    1. Gordon

      Theyll kick u out for using this strategy ?

  92. Michael Cooke

    Why doesnt he bet on 16&19?

  93. muhaimin Hussain

    And if you martingale and double the bets and 1st quarter hits u will just break even and not recover a dime from that 300

  94. scott bryant

    Add 1 more unit onto the 10 unit so its not a push its 1 unit profit

  95. Michael Davis

    Without the martingale component, just the pure system itself, every 10 spins expect a loss and between 2 to 3 wins. Each loss is 150 and each win is 30 . Do the math

  96. Michael MacDonald

    Naaaa! I tried this with £1 units and lost 3 times in a row. 16, 0, 16. Couldn’t write it

  97. Kurtiss Drake

    You guys are immature idiots grow up already

  98. Steve C

    You may regret never enjoying 69. Jussayin

  99. joshua blumenthal

    How would you martingale this if you lost?

  100. Los Angels

    All this is BS

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